Suomussalmi talc deposit in brief

  • Suomussalmi talc deposit consists of 4 large single ore bodies (Haaponen, Kivikangas, Sivusuvanto & Kivisuvanto)
  • Mineral resource estimate in accordance with the international JORC standard completed with 22.3 Mt of indicated mineral resource in Haaponen deposit
  • Drilling samples to a depth of 75-125m total the mineral resource potential to +30 Mt and a further conducted drilling program could potentially triple the amount of proven reserves
  • Existing infrastructure provides an excellent starting point for talc mining operations and mining can be started with a swift timetable without extensive quarrying of waste rock
  • Suomussalmi deposit has been explored with 10 km total drillings, of which 1km of JORCspecific drillings, and 30 bench flotation laboratory tests have been conducted
  • Preliminary mining plan and production schedule are in place with optimized open pit plan
  • Good relationships with all stakeholders and further extension planning of mining concession is currently in process and the amended application will be completed by the end of year 2020
  • Overview of Suomussalmi deposit

    Suomussalmi mineral resources are split in to 4 different deposits
    all part of Saarikylä formation, which belongs to the Archaean
    Suomussalmi schist belt.
    The Saarikylä formation consists of felsic metavolcanics rocks,
    black schists, basalts and a sequence komatiitic rocks.
    The length of this komatiitic sequence in the Saarikylä formation
    is about 15 km. Four major soapstone bodies are localized from
    this komatiitic sequence, all in the Tulikivi’s mining district.

    • Length (m): 345, width (m): 175, depth (m): 100+
    • Talc ore JORC (tonnes): 22 300 000
    • Drillings in area (m): 2860

    • Length (m): 275, width (m): 140, depth (m): 80
    • Remaining soapstone estimated total (tonnes): 5 000 000
    • Drillings in area (m): 5 540

    Sivusuvanto & Kivisuvanto
    • Total length (m): 470, total width (m): 160, average depth (m): 85
    • Estimated mineral resource 9 000 000
    • Drillings in area (m): 3 360

    Geological overview of Haaponen deposit

    Example of fine grinded talc from Haaponen deposit proves the suitability for industrial applications

    Offers a fast start compared to a typical greenfield mining project